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Find us at the:

Morgantown Farmers' Market, Spruce Street, Saturday mornings 8:30-12, May through October 

Cheat Lake Farmers' Market, outside Chestnut Ridge Church, Monday afternoons 4-7, June through August

We grow a variety of crops intensively on a 1/3rd acre plot of permanent raised beds. We maintain soil fertility with compost and mulch, build soil structure with broadforking and minimal tillage, and control weeds, pests, and disease with rotation,  cover cropping, row-cover and organic-approved biological pesticides.
     -Green beans
     -Romaine lettuce
     -Salad mix
     -Swiss & rainbow chard
     -Winter squash

Our eggs are laid by a team of hard-working free-ranging pastured hens. Enjoy the bright orange yolks and deep flavor of eggs that come from happy, healthy chickens.

Maple Syrup

We tap exclusively red maple trees, which gives the syrup a unique flavor and beautiful red coloring, and boil over an open fire. 3.4, 8, and 12 ounce glass containers available.


Our cold-processed lye soap is made with herbs from our garden. This year we have lemon balm, rosemary, lavender buckwheat, and chocolate peppermint.

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